Since 1985 present where maximum hygiene and decontamination are required. Our antibacterial mats are registered as Class 1 medical devices.


Antibacterial, decontaminating and washable mats.

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Antibacterial mat

Disposable antibacterial mat, treated with antibacterial agent. 
Registered as medical device.

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Decontaminating mat

Disposable decontaminating mat, cleans both the soles of shoes and the wheels of carts.

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Washable mat

Washable mat made of PVC.
Available in two models.
Duration: 3 years


The advantages of our mats

The use of our mats helps to reduce the considerably reduces the intake of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mold.

Access decontamination

They decontaminate accesses and passages, giving considerable help and prevention in cleaning and routine maintenance.

Easy to use

Thanks to their ease of use, they can be placed everywhere without leaving any residue.

No obstacle

They have no application limits and do not block the normal transit of operators and trucks.



Our antibacterial mats are registered at the Italian Ministry of Health as a Class 1 Medical Device

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